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If we need to use any roofing products to repair your roof, possibly new lead or tiles/slates, we use the highest quality roofing materials to ensure that the same problem does not arise.

• Storm damage

• Insulation problems

• Insurance work

• Missing slates/tiles

• Leaking roofs

• Gutter problems

Alongside our highly recommendable roof repairs, we also offer an array of other roofing services, including roof installations for domestic and commercial properties.


Don't let a leaking roof ruin the value of your property

Roof repairs that will stand the test of time

Quality roofing products

Our roof repairs include:

Roof installations

Do you have a number of tiles or slates missing due to recent bad weather? Perhaps your heating bills have increased due to a badly insulated roof?


A leaking roof or a missing tile can cause a number of problems to other parts of your property, such as your loft starting to gain water from a crack in the roof, or the chance of more slates/tiles becoming loose. When these issues arise, it is highly recommended that you tackle these problems straight away by getting in contact with an experienced roof repair company. That's when you need to give D & E Roofing a call.


For all aspects of roof repairs in Mid Glamorgan, contact us today.

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